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For immediate 24 hour / 7 days Carrier Information

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Personal Lines: Arlene Hernandez x200
Deanna Klein x208
Colleen Barry x209
Commercial: Mitchell Bisgeier x213
Rob Peason x212
Maggie Cunningham x216
Claims: Arlene Hernandez x200
Accounting: Debbie Rovetto x215
 Support: Jeff Lee x207

Our Address

Livingston Insurance Agency
301 S. Livingston Avenue
Livingston, NJ 07039

Phone: (973) 994-9898
Fax: (973) 994-0052

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Billing Services

For billing and claims services you can contact the company directly at the number listed below, 24 hours a day, by phone or online where available.

Carrier Phone Online Billing
American Modern 1-800-543-2644 Pay by Check
Pay with Credit Card
CNA Insurance 1-877-276-7507
FMI/Franklin Mutual 1-800-842-0551  Pay Online
Foremost 1-800-527-3905 Pay Online
Hartford Insurance 1-800-624-5578 Pay Online
Mercer Insurance Group 1-800-223-0534 Pay My Bill
Mercury Insurance 1-800-987-6000 Online Billing
Palisades Insurance 1-888-725-9004
Philadelphia Contributionship 1-800-346-9229 Pay Online
Phila Ins Companies 1-888-511-2455 Pay Online
Preserver 1-888-511-2455 Pay Online
Progressive Insurance 1-800-876-5581 Online Billing
RLI Insurance
Tower Insurance 1-877-883-6599
Travelers Insurance Online Billing

Claims Services


Carrier Phone Online Claim
American Modern 1-800-375-2075 Online Claims
CNA Insurance 1-877-CNA-ASAP Online Claims
FMI/Franklin Mutual 1-800-842-0551 Online Claims
Formost 1-800-842-0551 Online Claim
Hartford Insurance 1-800-327-3636
Mercer Insurance Group 1-800-223-0534 Report Claim
Mercury Insurance 1-800-987-6000
Palisades Insurance 1-888-725-9006
Philadelphia Contributionship 1-800-346-9229 Online Claim
Phila Ins Companies 1-800-765-9749 Online Claim
Preserver 1-888-511-2455
Progressive Insurance 1-800-925-2886
RLI Insurance 1-800-444-0406 Online Claims
Tower Insurance 1-888-291-6262 Claims Overview
Travelers Insurance 1-800-238-6225 Online Claims